SIPS Junior research team

The SIPS junior research team involves academics, researchers and support staff from the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London, Newcastle University, University of Kent, Imperial College, Swansea University, University of Glamorgan, St Mary’s Hospital, and Humber NHS Foundation Trust.

Principal Investigators

  • Prof Colin Drummond, Chief Investigator
  • Dr Paolo Deluca
  • Prof Eileen Kaner
  • Prof Eilish Gilvarry
  • Dr Paul McArdle
  • Prof Simon Coulton
  • Mr Tom Phillips
  • Prof Mike Crawford
  • Dr Dorothy Newbury-Birch
  • Prof John Strang
  • Dr Robert Patton
  • Prof David Cohen
  • Prof Ian Russell
  • Dr Ian Maconochie


  • Prof Peter Monti
  • Prof Hazel Biggs
  • Dr Louise Arseneault